CAPTURING HISTORY: Red Phosphorus on Directing the Video for “Women Make The World Go Round”

  6.05.2017   Marlene Nichols   Blog, News

Director Red Phosphorus talks about the music video for “Women Make The World Go ‘Round,” filming at the Women’s March in LA, and her call for continuing activism! On capturing a piece

I Have A Crush (on L.A.)

  6.04.2017   Marlene Nichols   Blog, News

Los Angeles is my hometown and here’s why I love it: you’ve got this vast city, filled with people from all over the U.S. and the world, and it’s surrounded

Who Do You Love: Thoughts on Music, Lyric Writing, and Creativity

  23.03.2017   Marlene Nichols   News

An interview with David Haerle by Marlene Nichols: David, what’s your music style, or dare I ask, what do your songs “sound” like? Well, the art director for my album

Women Make The World Go ‘Round: Behind the scenes of the new single

  23.03.2017   Marlene Nichols   News

What was the inspiration for your new song “Women Make The World Go ‘Round”? Well, it’s my experience that women really do make the world go around. When I first wrote