Garden of Edendale


  1. Finding Natalie
  2. I Have A Crush
  3. Always
  4. Shining Star
  5. Women Make The World Go ‘Round (with Bess Harrison)
  6. Tell Your Story
  7. The Stranger
  8. Do You Know Surrender?
  9. Play It Like The Record
  10. Glendale
  11. The Tone That Got Away
  12. The Tracer
  13. Everything I Ever Wanted

David Haerle’s debut album, Garden Of Edendale, will be released on June 29, 2018. It will be available at all the major streaming and download services, and on CD.


This video documents the recording session for the song Finding Natalie, which took place at Sunset Sound Studio 2, in Los Angeles, CA. Directed by Sabrina Doyle.  From David Haerle’s upcoming album, Garden Of Edendale, which will be released on June 29, 2018.


Director: Sabrina Doyle
Cinematographer: Stephen Paar
Editor: Daniel Myers
B Camera Operator: Lee Young
Gaffer: Chris “Moose” Stalsworth
Swing: Samuel Phillips
Producer: David Haerle
Co-Producer and Assistant Editor: Jose Salazar
Finding Natalie ℗ © 2018 Edendale Records.
Finding Natalie written by David Haerle © Edendale Station (ASCAP)