David Haerle’s first album, Garden of Edendale, is a powerful and often tender collection of songs that takes the listener on a road trip through one man’s life. A singer, songwriter and guitarist, David shines a light on past experiences, transforms nostalgia into beauty and welds guitar-driven rock to a shimmering California sound. The album is inspired in part by his hometown, Los Angeles, with Edendale being the original name for much of what is today’s Silver Lake, Echo Park and Los Feliz neighborhoods. Garden of Edendale is a love story: love of Rock ‘N’ Roll, love of incredible people, and love of home.

Available on all the major streaming and download services, and on CD. 




Finding Natalie

Do You Know Surrender?

Women Make The World Go 'Round

Behind The Scenes – Finding Natalie instrumental “jam” (alt. guitar solo)

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