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 – Mike Davies

“…there’s some solid musicianship and song craft to admire here.”

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 – Trevor J. Leeden

 “There’s nothing quite like placing a new artist’s debut on the turntable, cranking up the volume and having your ears pinned back by the sheer exuberance of the new kid on the block. In his mid-twenties, Haerle comes across as a fully developed, stunning Stratocaster wizard and consummate songwriter. This is no overnight coming of age, the 13 guitar-driven songs having gestated over seven years are imbued with a healthy dose of California sunshine. The album kicks off with the outstanding ‘Finding Natalie’, a six-minute ode to his first love that is ignited by a scintillating shootout between Haerle’s guitar and Luanne Homzy’s fireballing fiddle; it’s outrageously good. The careening ‘I Have A Crush’ sounds like Lou Reed channelling Lucky Starr’s ‘I’ve Been Everywhere’ (that sounds insane but it really works!), but it’s Bess Harrison’s sun soaked vocals on the radiant feminist anthem ‘Women Make The World Go ’Round’ that steals the show. Haerle draws upon a range of influences; there are echoes of Zevon, Petty moments, Jackson Browne and Leonard Cohen are in there too; it’s delightful listening.”


and Music California Video Awards:

Women Make The World Go ‘Round – David Haerle with Bess Harrison, winner in 2017 of Taste TV and Music California Video Awards’ Best Lyric and Verse.


 – James McQuiston:

“David Haerle’s Finding Natalie is a rock track in the vein of Dire Straits and Elvis Costello. The dynamic between the guitars, bass, and strings ensures that the tracks 6-plus-minute run time goes by quickly, while Haerle’s narration on the single will have listeners clamoring for more after the songs concludes. The chorus of the single will tattoo itself deep into the minds and hearts of listeners. The guitar work that bridges the two halves of the single boosts the momentum as fans move ever closer to the song’s conclusion.”


Troy Tyree Host of Jukebox of Americana:

“David Haerle’s (HAIR-Lee) “Garden of Edendale” is an amazing album. Key word, “album,” best experienced in its entirety. It’s been some time since such a beautiful collection of songs, lyrics, stellar production and sequencing from an unknown artist has found its way to my desk/ears. I look forward to sharing this collection of music and discovering more about David as a songwriter/person.”

“Showcasing his skills in both singing and playing, David Haerle put his artistry to work in the ‘Finding Natalie music video. The video is set in the studio as David and his band record the record. The laid back, smiling faces help you see how much fun and love the band puts into their craft.

Musically, ‘Finding Natalie’ has a happy, welcoming folk rock sound. The songwriting is solid, the lyrics are well written, telling a relatable story. The latter half of the record is just the band playing their hearts out in the booth. Watch the video above and hit the comments below!”


“Los Angeles singer songwriter David Haerle’s new single, ‘Finding Natalie’, is from his album, ‘Garden Of Edendale’, set for release in June this year. Haerle divides his time between writing and recording his own music and his role as president of the LA based independent record company, CMH Label Group.

‘Finding Natalie’ sounds like a 70s classic, and the accompanying video, directed by Sabrina Doyle, is the perfect match. The crispness and clarity of the clip, with close attention paid to the hands of the musicians both David and his band – intercutting closeups of fingers on strings, picks, bows, drumsticks. The video is a six minute masterpiece, and showcases brilliantly Haerle’s poise and talent, as well as that of his band.

Playing alongside David Haerle is classically trained violinist Luanne Homzy, from the Vitamin String Quartet, who has played with symphonies all over the world. On the drums is Reade Pryor, a studio musician of note who has played on many television and film scores, as well as with singer-songwriters such as Kina Grannis, and Dan Wilson. Bassist Carson Cohen, and Grammy Award winner Alex Wand on guitar, make up the rest of the immensely talented group. There’s an absolute chemistry between all members of the band, synching together in perfect harmony as Hearle sings about his quest to find a love he first met as a child, in the playgrounds of first grade, in LA.

Find out more about David Haerle, his single ‘Finding Natalie’, and his upcoming album, by visiting his official website.”


 – Interview of David Haerle:


Larry Dean Harris, Co-Curator, Strong Words (January 2018):

“Long before he plugs in his Fender, the air is already electric when David Haerle takes the stage.  He comes by his authentic California sound honestly, organically building from the ground up with real instruments, good vibes and nary a lick of lyrical cynicism.”


 – James McQuiston:

“David Haerle’s Women Make The World Go ‘Round (which features the vocal contributions of Bess Harrison) is a beautiful piece of alt rock that ties together nu-wave with twee pop.  The hint of lounge in Haerle’s vocal imbue the track with a vintage sound, as does the Carly Simon-esque sound of Harrisons’s vox.  The taut instrumentation of Women Make The World Go ‘Round is beautiful, adding further depth to an already fulfilling effort.  The instrumental interlude that blends these two parts together stands up to repeat spins, lest someone miss out on a note or a tight bass line that has been included.  Simply fantastic.”