Women Make The World Go ‘Round: Behind the scenes of the new single

What was the inspiration for your new song “Women Make The World Go ‘Round”?

Well, it’s my experience that women really do make the world go around. When I first wrote the song back in 2010 it focused more on the influence of women as romantic partners. Then in the fall of 2016, Red Phosphorus, the director who shot the music video, suggested I re-write the lyrics so that the song would become a broader celebration of women and all the roles they play in our lives. After taking part in the L.A. Women’s march this past January, I went back again and wrote a particular verse about the march. It was such an historical day we all thought it was fitting.

Did you march with the women of Los Angeles? 

 Yes! My partner Erica Elizabeth Koesler and I had the date marked on our calendar for weeks!

Who came up with the idea to shoot the video on location during the Women’s March?

Bess Harrison, who’s co-lead vocalist on the track, suggested it. Then, the director, Red Phosphorous, came up with the idea to shoot slow-motion video portraits of women attending the march.  She felt a song celebrating women would be perfectly complemented by beautifully-shot close-ups of the marchers, revealing their diversity, strength, their inner and outer beauty.

Erica Elizabeth Koessler and David Haerle

So it was a team effort?

Absolutely. So many talented people collaborated to bring this project to fruition. I’m grateful to each one of them. Even my partner, Erica, a talented artist who makes hand-made bridal headpieces and veils for a living, designed many of the hand-held signs featured in the music video. Erica and I make a brief cameo towards the end of the video holding a pair of her signs.

What did you think when you saw an early cut of the video?

When I saw the first rough cut from Red and our editor Dan Myers, I teared up. The portraits convey a togetherness, support of one another, righteous defiance and love in action. For me, they capture the love and solidarity we felt on January 21st as we marched alongside women (and men and children) from all walks of life demanding equal rights for everyone regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, disability and national origin. When I look at their faces I feel a direct connection to the very best in human nature, which bypasses my brain and goes straight to my heart.

What that your experience being at the march?

The Women’s March was awe inspiring. I felt like I was part of something bigger and greater than myself. I experienced a wonderful feeling of togetherness, camaraderie , harmony, solidarity and, very significantly, a great feeling of mutual support. All of us, we had each other’s back.

bess harrison portrait
Bess Harrison

Would you say you’re a feminist?


How did you come to work with Bess Harrison on the recording?

Bess and I played and sang together for years in the band Fred Harvey.  Bess also happens to do work for my company, CMH Label Group.  Red suggested adding a female co-lead vocalist to the song, which really brought the song to a new level.

Can you talk about the players and instrumentation of the song.

I am very proud of the musicians I play and record with.  This is a rock group no doubt, but the finished song has a pop and even dreamy feel to it.  The songs features Reade Pryor on drums, Jeremy Castillo on guitar, Joe Ginsberg on bass, Carson Cohen on keyboards, and Jon Lee Keenan and Brina Kabler sing backing/harmony vocals.  Bess Harrison sings lead and harmony, and I sing lead and play guitar on the track.  I produced the track with Brina Kabler and Jose Salazar as co-producers.  The song was mixed by Brian Scheuble.

“Women Make The World Go ‘Round” feels joyous. Is that what you want people to experience when they listen to it?

I do.  Make no mistake, in these times there is cause for anger, cause for worry and cause for taking political action in our country and society.  Beliefs need to be stood up for.   But the song itself is, at its core, a celebration of women.  Celebration is joyous, and I hope people feel good and feel uplifted when they listen to it. Look for my full-length album, Garden of Edendale, will be coming out later this year.

David Haerle Recording at Sunset Studio Recorders Studio in Los Angeles


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